Tea Facts

Introducing ourselves, we are Ceylon Tea Exotica; manufacturer and exporter of pure Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, bags and gift packs. We represent a well-equipped system of operations with state-of-the-art technologies, which are capable of handling any type of tea. Ceylon tea is grown in the picturesque tea gardens of Sri Lanka. It is grown on the mountain tops reaching up to 6800 feet above sea level. Our teas are carefully selected by professional tea tasters to preserve its unique aroma, flavour, bright liquors and unique taste.

We offer a comprehensive range of tea products such as black and green tea in loose packs, tea bags, flavoured teas and teas packed in assortment of tins and bottles. Our products are constantly updated and innovative new packs are regularly developed to keep ahead of global trends. Our product range is positioned to always offer the best value to our customers by ensuring the highest quality standards at a competitive price. Our brands are available to all valued buyers, and tea can also be supplied under buyers' own brands too. We welcome your inquiries!

High Grown Tea

The very best tea that Sri Lanka produces. It has a beautiful golden liquor and intense powerful flavour. The Ceylon tea from Nuweraeliya estates brews up a fairly hearty but smooth tea with a classic Ceylon "fruitiness".

Uva Tea

Uva tea from Eastern highlands of Sri Lanka gives a distinctive mellow flavour whose reputation stretches worldwide. A very smooth Ceylon tea with a copper coloured infusion, pronounced taste and wonderful aroma.

Medium Grown Tea

The medium grown Ceylon tea is better in flavour, aroma and colour. Blends of the various types are usually mixed to produce the required flavour and colour. The first tea plantations were grown here in Sri Lanka.

Low Grown Tea

Most factories in these areas of Sri Lanka produce what are known as leafy grade tea. The long-leafed tea gives a slightly sweet aroma and a gentle smooth taste, and usually used in blending.

Specialty Tea

Black tea is produced by an orthodox process of tea production in Sri Lanka. Cut Tear and Curl (CTC) tea is produced by an unorthodox method. Green tea, herbal tea and flavoured tea are also popular.