Our tea cultivation and processing are executed in-line with stringent international standards of organic bioculture, with emphasis and concern on environmental harmony and global warming. The result is the purest tea in the world, with its inviting aroma, and our brands of high quality grown pure Ceylon tea come in a range of delectable flavours.

We are specialized in the export of pure Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, bags and gift packs.

We provide bulk tea in strong plywood chests, paper sacks and in strong cartons with inner polythene liner.

Our packeted tea range is normally supplied in packs ranging from 20 gms to 500 gms, and packets are basically printed in white opaque low-density polythene bags with inner high-density polythene. We provide gift tea packs in mahogany wood, ceramic & terracotta and also can be tailor made to any requirement or specification. The range is packed in cartons, wooden boxes, and special gift packs. We can also provide tea in miniature packs such as reed ware boxes, ceramic, porcelain ware, wooden boxes of different shapes and designs.

Our tea bags are usually supplied in boxes containing 100 bags of 2 gms each. This can be arranged in boxes of 50 and 25 bags each, or to any customer requirement or specification.

Pure Ceylon Black Tea

25 tea bags - string & tag per foil pack. Total 4 x 25 such packs to a 100 tea bags box. Master carton: 36 boxes inner cartons to a master carton or 12 inner cartons to a master carton.

Flavoured Tea Boxes

Black tea and green tea - Apple, Mint, Peach, Strawberry, Lemon, Earl Grey and Jasmine - 25 individual envelop tea bags - string & tag per flavour. Total 100 tea bags per box. Master carton: 36 box X 100 bags X 2 gms or 12 box X 100 bags X 2 gms.

3oz. pot Black Tea Bag for Catering:

32 tea bags per master carton.

Single Origin Estates Loose Black Tea

100 gms, 200 gms and 01 kg aluminium packs.

Garden Fresh Unblended Loose Tea

Tea bags - string & tag envelop tea bags and tag-less pot tea bags.

Ceylon Supreme Range

High grown, hand plucked 100% pure Ceylon black tea. 25 and 100 enveloped string & tag tea bags.

Herbal Infusion Tea

Camomile, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Peppermint etc. - 25 enveloped string & tag tea bags.